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My name is Gabriele Rescaldani, I'm 34 and I live in Tornavento, a small town nearby Malpensa Airport (Varese, Italy).

I'm a CG generalist, working with 3d software since 1997, first as an hobby, then as a job with my first committed work in 2000. Although my university studies in Computer Science, ended in 2008 with the graduation, nowadays computer graphic is my unique business.

I'm currently working in a small post-production studio in Milan, mainly producing ads for Italian television.

Here is my Curriculum Vitae:

// Videos
Gabriele Rescaldani's DEMOREEL 2016
Feletti (BB CEE - 10sec)
NeroGiardini (BB CEE - 10sec)
Protect (BB CEE - 10sec)
RealFlow RnD - Melting castle
RealFlow RnD - Melting cross
Spot Food
RealFlow RnD - Car splash
Tempotest (BB CEE - 10sec)
RealFlow RnD - Whisky
Ginevra Gioielli (BB CEE - 10sec)
BI-MU (BB - 5sec)
Polenghi (2x BB CEE - 5sec)
Salone del Mobile (BB CEE - 10sec)
Crik Crok Plus (BB - 7sec)
iS Natale 2010
Honda SH300i (BB CEE - 5sec)
DUCATI Multistrada (BB CEE - 10sec)
The Royal Pine Club (BB CEE - 10sec)
Fruscžo (BB CEE - 10sec)
Buitoni GranFetta (BB CEE - 10sec)
Hotpoint Ariston (BB CEE - 10sec)
BabyGella (BB CEE - 5sec)
Ferrovie dello Stato (Spot - 10sec)
FRIO (BB CEE - 10sec)
Fiore (BB - 10sec)
Hotpoint Ariston QUADRIO (BB CEE - 10sec)
Emoform Alifresh (BB - 10sec)
Gabor Selective (BB CEE - 10sec)
Riserva Nazionale (BB CEE - 10sec)
Gabriele Rescaldani's DEMOREEL 2008

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